DESCRIPTION: Harness with ergonomic belt equipped with elasticated belts and quick-release buckles . Dorsal and sternal attachment points. Adjustment of thigh straps and belts.

STANDARD: EN 361:2002, EN358:2018

        Dorsal: a zinc-plated steel D-ring,
        Sternal: two A/2 loops in polyester belt,
        Lateral: two D-ring made of zinc-plated steel closeable with Reverse-D technology

        Belts: two zinc-plated steel buckles,
        Sternal: a zinc-plated steel buckle,
        Thigh straps: two quick-release buckles made of coated steel,
        Belt: a quick-release buckle made of coated steel

        Upper belt: elasticated made of ELASTYX weave,
        Back support: sponge with 3D-PERSPIREX technology ,
        Accessories: loop for tools

A001-1107.I1 - S-2XL - 1 pc.
A001-K107.I1 - S-2XL - 10 pcs.
A001-1107.I3 - L-3XL - 1 pc.
A001-K107.I3 - L-3XL - 10 pcs.

S-2XL - 1810 g
L-3XL - 1925 g


Declaration of Conformity

ELASTYX - Elasticated straps simplify the movements during work and reduce the force of impact in case of fall

TOP BUCKLES - They allow to adjust the height of the attachment point and to fit the harness against the body

STRAPS WITH CUFFS - All straps terminals have soft cuffs to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the user

POSTERIOR SUPPORT - Sturdy back support made of sponge with 3D-PERSPIREX technology that guarantees high breathability.

TOOL LOOP - An essential accessory that allows to bring some work tools

HIGH TENACITY POLYESTER BELT - The belt  is made of high tenacity polyester fibers that make it highly tear and abrasion resistant

TRAUMA REDUCING SEAT - In case of fall, it reduces the pressure of the straps on the legs, by improving blood circulation while waiting for first aid

BELT BUCKLE - It Allows  to adjust the straps of the leg loops so they can   adhere to the body. Two variants are available:
- with interlocking rectangular buckles
- with quick buckles that guarantee the user an easy and quick attachment

DOUBLE LOOPS - The straps in excess of the adjustment adhere in two points, avoiding that they are entangled accidentally

THIGH BUCKLES - It allows you to adjust the thigh straps  so they can adhere to the body. Two variants are available:
- with interlocking rectangular buckles
- with quick release buckles that guarantee the user an easy and quick attachment

D-RING BELT - Two large lateral attachment points for work positioning and restraint. Thanks to the assembly with REVERSE-D technology it is possible to overturn and close the attachment points, reducing the user's risk of being accidentally entangled

EXTRA RESISTANT STITCHINGS - The best stitching technology is used for the production of a highly resistant and durable harness

LABEL COVER - The cover protects the label against wear and tear, it is possible to write on it the user's name. The closure with velcro facilitates label consulting

STERNAL BUCKLE - It allows to adjust the sternal part of the harness, avoiding movement of belts

BLOCKING ELASTIC BANDS - Useful to position the extension lanyard of the back attachment point

D-RING HARNESS - Wide back attachment point for fall arrest




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